Adult Acne is More Common Than Most People Think.

Find Out The Best Way To Treat It!

Do you suffer from adult acne? Adult acne is caused by lots of things, including stress, hormones, birth control pills, or even bad cosmetics. It can be frustrating to find a treatment for adult acne, because there are so many different options to choose from. Before you spend any more money on treatments, consider this: 95% of all acne treatments don’t work. is here to help adults find the best ways to treat their acne. We investigated the most popular treatments for adult acne and found the best ones.

How we rank: The following rules were considered for each product:

  • It gets rid of adult acne SAFE and EFFECTIVELY
  • It is recommended by consumers
  • It is free of harmful chemicals and 100% safe to use
  • It has a fair price and great overall results

Keep reading and you will find our top picks


2014's Top Rated Acne Treatments

VitaB5 Anti Acne Vitamins & Anti Acne Serum
#1 Adult Acne Treatment
MSRP $99.95 Avg Price $35
Overall User Rating:
Cost Per Serving: $0.45 - $0.75

VitaB5 Acne Kiet is the highest rated adult acne treatment. VitaB5’s formula takes out acne at the source by delivering a powerful, safe dose of vitamin B5 that don’t require insane amounts of pills. With VitaB5, you won't have to constantly pop dozens of pills!

VitaB5 acne treatment is the “ultimate” natural acne treatment. It attacks acne at the source, treats acne scars and gives your skin a turbo boost of Vitamin B5. VitaB5 really is the easiest way to put a stop to acne there is, and it doesn’t require endless waiting to take effect. If you’re like most people, you’ll see great results within just a few weeks!

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Acnexus Skin Exfoliator - Eliminate Adult Acne Once and For All
#2Adult Acne Treatment
MSRP $59.99 Avg Price $29
Overall User Rating:
Cost Per Serving: $0.12 - $0.24

Acnexus is an all natural acne scrub / one-step acne treatment. It contains no harsh soaps or chemicals. Acnexus promises to change your skin in 1 week. But more reallistically, they claim that a change will most likely occur within 2-4 weeks.

Acnexus sells for $22.99 - $29.99 per bottle and is backed by a satisfaction guarantee. Each Bottle of Acnexus will last approximately 4 months. At $7.49 per month, Acnexus is a definite bargain.

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Acjuva - The Fastest Selling 3-Step Acne System
#3Adult Acne Treatment
MSRP $121.99 Avg Price $37
Overall User Rating:
Cost Per Serving: $0.56-$0.75

Acjuva is one of the best selling 3 step acne system for adults. Each of the 3-steps in Acjuva contain the finest ALL NATURAL, CLINCIALLY PROVEN INGREDIENTS, unlike what you’ll find in products at grocery stores and on TV. Many of these treatments contain cheap preservatives, harmful alcohols, and harsh soaps that do more harm than good. But, most importantly, Acjuva DOES NOT contain benzoyl peroxide. This little hellion is responsible for the suffering we’ve all gone through: the crusting and blistering of our faces’ sensitive skin.

Each Acjuva Adult Acne Kit will last you 4 Months. Compare that to Proactiv Solution which only lasts 1 month. At less than $10 per month and $0.20 per application it is no wonder so many people are switching to this acne kit!

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  • By stephanie, December 23, 2010 @ 8:42 am

    im 38 i have had acne since i was nine years old,now my bumps have gone from blackheads to deep sis like pimple that have to be hopped or they leave a deep dark knots on my face…im a woman of color…

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